Community Cats! They are everywhere. Some are feral (untamed) some are friendly… but one thing is for sure, they all need spayed and neutered! We have been working on several colonies in Cannon County. If you see a trap, more than likely it is set to catch a cat that is not accustomed to human touch. Cats that are not tame are usually trapped, fixed, allowed to recover, and then returned. Feral (untamed) cats aren’t normally adoptable. If you see a cat with an ear tip (whether feral or friendly) that means they are spayed or neutered. “Spay it Forward Cannon County” is working to reduce the number of Community cats by TNR (trap, neuter, release) to help stop reproduction, and by removing any friendly cat from the colonies to adopt.

extra love for the ones who have less

"Just because you can't touch them, doesn't mean you can't love them."